Custom Briefcases

Our promotional briefcases are a best selling corporate gift that can be screen printed or embroidered with your company or organizations logo or other design. You can also personalize it with a name. We have a wide variety of options that also include new options that fit most standard sizes of laptops, iPads, or other tablets.


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Wave Briefcase/Messenger Bag

ID: 6026485 As low as $4.50

Expandable Deluxe Briefcase

ID: 4888583 As low as $11.99

Sportage Briefcase/Messenger Bag

ID: 6024450 As low as $5.59

Crayon Business Brief

ID: 6013452 As low as $5.28

Crunch Brief

ID: 4950262 As low as $6.98

Excel Sport Brief

ID: 4867244 As low as $6.48

Tuck Compu-Brief with Laptop Sleeve

ID: 6013774 As low as $7.48

Verona Vertical Compu-Brief

ID: 4867780 As low as $19.98

Northwest Brief

ID: 4866854 As low as $12.98

Double Curve Business Brief

ID: 6013530 As low as $5.98

DuraHyde Deluxe Brief

ID: 7325750 As low as $19.98

Skyline Brief

ID: 4950260 As low as $5.98

Wenger (R) Executive Leather Business Brief

ID: 4867818 As low as $129.98

Angle Compu-Brief

ID: 6014628 As low as $9.98

Excel Saddle Briefcase

ID: 4867124 As low as $9.98

Precision Deluxe Brief

ID: 4867185 As low as $11.98

Metro Compu-Brief

ID: 4867801 As low as $19.98

Excel Sport Deluxe Brief

ID: 4867243 As low as $7.98

Paragon Compu-Brief

ID: 4866933 As low as $34.98

Eclipse Deluxe Business Brief

ID: 4867605 As low as $11.98

The Quill Meeting Brief

ID: 4952985 As low as $5.49

The Full Time Business Brief Bag

ID: 6640595 As low as $2.59

Adventure Computer Messenger Bag

ID: 7329079 As low as $26.98