Customized Promotional Hand Fans

Imprinted Hand Fans are one of those items that you're never quite sure you'll need but always end up being thankful for. They are the perfect custom item for churches, funeral facilities, sporting events or just about anything that takes place in the deep south during the summer months.


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Plastic Hand Fan

ID: 4888022 As low as $0.85

Custom Shaped Hand Fan

ID: 4862641 As low as $0.61

Hand Fan with Glued Handle

ID: 4847387 As low as $0.24

Religious Fan

ID: 4847238 As low as $0.65

Sandwich Hand Fan with Glued in Handle

ID: 4847457 As low as $0.39

Square Quantity fan

ID: 7385423 As low as $0.24

Truck Offset Fan

ID: 5186058 As low as $0.28

Artist's Pallet recycled fan

ID: 5187343 As low as $0.28

Large 4 part expandable fan

ID: 550239521 As low as $0.59

Star Offset Fan

ID: 5186092 As low as $0.28

Scallop Circle mini fan

ID: 5971144 As low as $0.25

Digital Custom Shape Fan

ID: 550229741 As low as $0.70

Daisy Mini Hand Fan

ID: 7332953 As low as $0.25

Flag Mini Hand Fan

ID: 5187879 As low as $0.25

Hourglass Quantity fan

ID: 7385422 As low as $0.22