Promotional First Aid Kits

Everyone needs a first aid kit handy for those random bumps, scrapes and bruises. These promotional first aid kits fit great in a hiking pack, diaper bag, glove compartment, desk or under the sink at home. Personalized first aid kits also make an excellent giveaway at a safety course, first aid class or outdoor store!

First Aid & Emergency Kits

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Large First Aid Box

ID: 4888379 As low as $3.89

Small First Aid Box

ID: 4888380 As low as $2.45

First Aid Kit

ID: 4888378 As low as $3.79

Key to Safety Rescue Keychain

ID: 550229300 As low as $8.53

Life Gear (R) Emergency Auto Tool

ID: 6709493 As low as $8.98

Highway Roadside Emergency Kit

ID: 6454762 As low as $38.65

Premium Safety Joe Escape Tool

ID: 6046386 As low as $13.48

Zippered First Aid Pouch

ID: 4932017 As low as $2.03

Emergency Auto Kit

ID: 4931675 As low as $12.59

Bolt 20 Piece First Aid Kit

ID: 7261862 As low as $3.59

Chargers Gift Set

ID: 7163703 As low as $27.98

Protect (TM) Care Kit

ID: 5516225 As low as $0.99

Primary Care (TM) First Aid Kit

ID: 4870053 As low as $1.42

Escape First Aid Kit

ID: 4870150 As low as $2.53

First Aid Traveler

ID: 4869983 As low as $1.75

Emergency Preparedness First Aid Kit

ID: 4869991 As low as $8.01

Protect (TM) First Aid Kit

ID: 5516242 As low as $2.01

Dynamo Self-Charging Flashlight FM Radio

ID: 4860713 As low as $15.99

Emergency Flashlight Tool Kit

ID: 4860649 As low as $7.99

Glove Compartment Auto Kit

ID: 4870824 As low as $6.35

Trans-Zip First Aid Kit

ID: 4932823 As low as $2.49

Compact First Aid Personal First Aid Kit

ID: 7382796 As low as $1.05