Manicure Kits

Manicure sets are a popular giveaway, and our broad selection demonstrates that. For the smaller, more thrifty giveaway, we have pocket-sized sets that only cost in the $1-2 range, but if you're looking to really flatter, we also have lavish manicure sets in the $10+ range.

Manicure Kits

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Reflections Manicure Set

ID: 6757358 As low as $2.39

Vinyl Manicure Set

ID: 4888481 As low as $1.19

Jewel Manicure Set Key Chain

ID: 6585605 As low as $2.19

Vanity Personal Care Kit

ID: 4959857 As low as $3.14

Plandome Manicure set

ID: 5068270 As low as $14.25

Vinyl Manicure Kit

ID: 4862564 As low as $1.72

Look Sharp Personal Manicure Kit

ID: 5466954 As low as $2.05

Manicure Set To Go

ID: 6773722 As low as $1.89

Manicure Salon Set

ID: 6647597 As low as $3.06


ID: 4853784 As low as $1.89

7-Piece Deluxe Manicure Set

ID: 7055514 As low as $3.42

Deluxe Travel Personal Care Kit

ID: 7055467 As low as $4.94

Deluxe Manicure Sew Kit

ID: 4839539 As low as $2.89

Sophisticated manicure set

ID: 4975232 As low as $4.25

7-Piece Deluxe Manicure Set

ID: 4839718 As low as $3.42

Precision manicure set

ID: 4987884 As low as $4.00

Sawyer - Nail Care Kit

ID: 4885251 As low as $1.54

Economy Manicure Set

ID: 5704222 As low as $1.20

Ladies brush and manicure set

ID: 4975057 As low as $8.00