Mouse Pads

Give your wrist the support and comfort it deserves with our custom mouse pads. Mouse pads will give your desk a personalized touch by printing a family photo, your favorite sports team or your company logo on the large imprint area they provide. At several different price points, mouse pads make great promotional gifts, and the nicer leather ones will make a memorable corporate gift that your employees will be happy to showcase on their desk. Mouse pads allow your computer mouse to have a nice, smooth ride and also give your desk a unique look.

Mouse Pads

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Solid Jersey Gel Mouse Pad / Wrist Rest

ID: 4931632 As low as $4.49

1/8" Rectangular Rubber Mouse Pad

ID: 4931915 As low as $1.61

Superior Ergo-Gel Mouse Pad

ID: 4859290 As low as $6.44

Full Color Mouse Pad

ID: 4833749 As low as $1.55

Firm Surface Mouse Pad

ID: 4988916 As low as $3.73

Photo Sleeve Mouse Pad

ID: 6846856 As low as $3.52

Custom Shape - Fabric Surface Mouse Pad

ID: 4988520 As low as $3.35

Standard Size Fabric Mouse Pad

ID: 4988474 As low as $3.31

Standard mouse pad

ID: 4988475 As low as $3.31

Rectangle Mouse Pad (1/4" Thick)

ID: 7292373 As low as $4.14

Rectangle Mouse Pad

ID: 7383023 As low as $1.75

Mouse pad with detachable calculator

ID: 5219413 As low as $2.49

Mouse Pad - 7 1/2 inches x 8 inches

ID: 6910473 As low as $1.40

Pallet Gel Mouse Pad

ID: 4928254 As low as $16.98