Paperweights have become more of a desk decoration or award of recognition than a true tool to hold your papers on your desk. Whatever you choose to use it for, we have an excellent selection of paperweights to suit your needs. Some of our acrylic paperweights can be imprinted or laser engraved on the bottom for a more elegant look. We even offer glass and crystal paperweights that would make the perfect corporate gift or award.


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Radiance Silver Plated Column Clock

ID: 4866760 As low as $27.88

2 Piece Brass Magnifier Paper Weight

ID: 550088711 As low as $14.98

Oval Paperweight

ID: 6054763 As low as $5.19

Square Crystal Paperweight

ID: 7375881 As low as $25.00

Gem Cut Crystal Paperweight

ID: 7375842 As low as $30.00

Trafford Golf Ball Trophy 2 1/4"

ID: 6999804 As low as $48.48

Kenton Heart Shaped Paperweight 3"

ID: 7123148 As low as $78.23

Allegheny Cube Paperweight 2"

ID: 7000106 As low as $41.03

Kent Heart Shaped Paperweight 4 1/4"

ID: 7123141 As low as $108.52

Weatherly Rectangular Glass Paperweight

ID: 6999858 As low as $48.23

Yeadon Magnifying Circular Paperweight

ID: 7000094 As low as $51.05

Yardley Glass Square Paperweight

ID: 7000089 As low as $69.27

Luzerne Circular Paperweight 4.25"

ID: 7000101 As low as $70.82

McColgan Star Glass Paperweight

ID: 6999872 As low as $115.97

Crystal Globe Paperweight

ID: 5405944 As low as $9.59

Hex Paperweight

ID: 7329095 As low as $35.04

Business Card Paperweight

ID: 6895613 As low as $25.10

Clear Slant - Top Paperweight

ID: 6895560 As low as $36.33

Clear Crystal Apple

ID: 6895535 As low as $94.20

Jade Paperweight - Vertical

ID: 5399869 As low as $42.01

Oyster Paperweight

ID: 7330335 As low as $62.86

Waving Flag Paperweight

ID: 7329091 As low as $58.67

Lucite Rectangle Block with Silver Star

ID: 6285132 As low as $35.75