If your event is with a school, college or university then printed pencils are a no brainer. Pencils are perfect to put in an admissions package or to use as a giveaway at open house events. Pencils are usually one of the least expensive options when purchasing promotional products and yet it's something that everyone uses and needs at one point or another.


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Jo-Bee Jumbo Untipped Pencil

ID: 4870206 As low as $0.34

Jo-Bee Patriotic Pencil

ID: 4847931 As low as $0.29

Jo-Bee Prismatic Foil Wrap Pencil

ID: 4847956 As low as $0.27

Achiever Pencil Sharpener and Eraser

ID: 7273847 As low as $0.86

Jo-Bee Recycled Newspaper Pencil

ID: 4847787 As low as $0.23

Jo-Bee Alternative Carpenter Pencil

ID: 4847945 As low as $0.29

Jo-Bee Mood Pencil with Black eraser

ID: 4847926 As low as $0.28

Jo-Bee Tri-Color Pencil

ID: 4847929 As low as $0.26

Thrifty Pencil with Pink Eraser

ID: 6806288 As low as $0.16

Patriotic Pencil

ID: 4862511 As low as $0.25

Glisten Pencil

ID: 4862514 As low as $0.27

Old-Fashioned Cedar Pencil

ID: 4862604 As low as $0.29

Fluorescent Pencil

ID: 4862605 As low as $0.24

Mood Heart Pencil

ID: 6809125 As low as $0.32

Hard Lead Enamel Finish Carpenter Pencil

ID: 4996132 As low as $0.32

Natural Finish Golf Pencil

ID: 7021832 As low as $0.11

Mood Arctic Pencil

ID: 7332521 As low as $0.28

Political Foil Pencil - Republican

ID: 6808965 As low as $0.27

Natural Finish Carpenter Pencil

ID: 4862636 As low as $0.31

Sparkler Pencil

ID: 4862513 As low as $0.30

Political Foil Pencil - Democrat

ID: 6808938 As low as $0.27

SoLo Pencil, Round

ID: 6809158 As low as $0.14